The High school C.Sylos of Bitonto is inserted in a territory whose prevailing economic vocation is the olive. The school gives a solid formation of the person, a consolidation of the habit to the respect of the others and the things, an education to the tolerance and the comparison, but also a solid cultural preparation, the devotion to the job, the acquisition of the sense of responsibility, the ability to effect choices and to know how to adjust the competences acquired to the frantic and sudden changes that the society continually requires, to know how to collaborate and to cooperate with the others. The pupils that attend our school altogether originate from a tall middle social context, they are available to the listening and the close examination, tied up to the values of the family and the social appointment, positively projected, with the acquired competences, in the world of the professions. The action educational-didactics of our school founds him upon the pupil and proposes him to form aware and critical students of their present; it promotes the formative success of all the pupils, opposing every form of scholastic dispersion, the exploitation of the excellence, the acquisition of the competences key, of citizen and digitalis, the formation and the updating of the personnel; it favors the intercultural dialogue and the integration without discrimination. 

Rossana Latronico

Project Coordinator

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Isabella Cipriano

Project Member - German Teacher

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Filomena Garofalo

Project Member - Maths and Physics Teacher

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Fusaro Orsola

Project Member - Maths and Physics Teacher

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Maria Occhiogrosso

Project Member - French Teacher