The ERP@LC in the Curriculum

Multiplier event - 25'01'2022

This event took place in Italy on January 25, 2022. In this one-day event, the first result of the project - IO1 - Curriculum approaches to Educational Robotic and Programing according to national curricula for secondary education (ISCED 2-3) of Portugal, Poland, Turkey and Italy, was presented. Additionally, the outcomes of the face-to-face teacher training that transpired during the two LTA sessions were shared. The event aimed not only to promote the project but also to engage other stakeholders and Italian specialists. It encouraged discussions regarding the achieved results, gathering feedback and suggestions for the future adoption of project outcomes. In addition to presenting the project's background, objectives, and timeline, particular emphasis was placed on the forthcoming results: IO2, IO3, and IO4. About 200 teachers attended to the event (in person and online).



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