Each member of the Consortium will bring their previous experience and somehow will add value to the project: The Agrupamento de Escolas Augusto Cabrita (PT) is the organization with greater experience in European School Projects, so it will be the project coordinator. In this school there is a small group of teachers with strong skills in using the Arduino microcontroller and sensors and they willing to share their knowledge. The Zespol Szkol (PL) also has a long and diverse experience in Erasmus+ KA2 projects. They have experience in using educative and digital technologies, allowing them to become active participants in school life. This school is extremely strong in all matters related to 3D printing and this experience will made them a valuable and resourceful partner which has the know-how and skills to contribute to a successful project. The Liceo Classico e linguistico carmine sylos (IT) is experienced in Erasmus+ KA2 projects. In this school different methods to improve the learning are implemented. This approach may prove resourceful and it is important to communicate different methods of learning between the partners, sharing good practices using immersive and augmented reality and can combine with robotics knowledge. AR (Augmented Reality) and immersive platforms are used to study different subjects (languages, maths, arts etc...). The Erzin Mesleki Ve Teknik Anadolu LISESI (TR) is experienced in Erasmus+ KA2 projects, and has a big number of minorities students, with learning problems. They apply different methods like games and robotics to improve the learning in the classroom to support them. Learn with their good practices will be an important contribution to the project. They are using robotics, preparing geographic scenarios and a games for use in robotics and in immersive reality. ANPRI (National Association of Informatics Teachers) has as a mission “constitute itself as a space of ideas and practices that allows to deepen the technological and pedagogical diversity of its members”. This means the intention to develop a collaborative culture that goes beyond the ceiling effect produced by a school. Operating from the ANPRI facility, a Teacher Training Center, specially dedicated to the areas of Informatics and Robotics, encompassing education from 3 to 18 years old. One of the objectives is to promote and perfect innovative pedagogical practices that contribute to the quality of the teaching and learning process through the promotion of training actions. Thus, ANPRI's added value is demonstrated: on the one hand, the availability for scientific, pedagogical and technical validation of the results allowed by an organization that brings together hundreds of teachers. On the other hand, the experience in specific teachers training can bring valuable contributions to the present project. Finally, the extensive network of contacts with companies, scientific bodies and companies, both national and international, will certainly bring added value to the project. Sucessos Criativos Lda. is a newly founded company that started its activity at the end of 2017. Although very recent, it has a technical team with extensive previous experience in consulting services in the preparation and management of applications for Community Funds. This company also carry out other activities related to the Information Society, as well as the provision of support services for education and training. They are specialized on strengthen partnerships, both at the national level and in the field of International Cooperation, by establishing a link between organizations for educational purposes with the aim of improving the quality of education and training programs. One of the expertise of the company is the experience in the use of ICT for developing and supporting on-line communities based on the development and use of on-line tools for the training of teachers and trainers. Staff at the organization have worked at institutional and policy levels in education and have extensive experience of the issues the project addresses. These characteristics make Sucessos Criativos, Lda a partner that will bring added value in the area of project management. Although this component is extremely important, the greatest added value is the ability to dynamize online communities, combined with a strong technical and scientific knowledge of educational robotics and all the components related to programming.

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